Thirteen Novel ‘Officially’ Released at Gatlinburg Artisan and Craftman’s Fair

I was proud to announce the release of my 13th novel Infinity – Kate and Garrison at the Gatlinburg Artisan and Craftman’s Fair this past weekend. Several readers now have personally autographed copies of this newest novel.

Would you also like an autographed copy? Fantastic! Click on the link below for more information on ordering:

Happy reading!

‘Readers are Happy People’ – Sissy Marlyn


What was I up to last weekend and this week to follow?

Was I at the rodeo?  No, but I did have some fun with a real, Texas cowboy, and my husband Gary even took the picture.  No, we aren’t into kinky stuff.  Sorry readers that like that OTHER book that I won’t mention that’s about to be made into a movie.  From what I heard, it wasn’t much of a read.  Not to trash another author.  Just going from hearsay.  I never read the book.  But, then again, I’m too busy writing my own.  And creating characters that you will come to love and long for more of.  I think this other book, and ones like it, leave readers longing as well.  But it’s for an entirely different thing…’nough said!

Anyway, I was set up in Women’s World at NSRA in Louisville, KY this past weekend.  Busy weekend, signing books and visiting with old fans and creating new ones (like the lady  in the blue blouse, in the picture above, who took the time to have her picture taken with me in the booth) .  One lady bought Intimacies and made a special trip back to the booth to let me know how much she had enjoyed it.  Thanks true readers and fans of Sissy Marlyn!

For those of you who visited that are anxiously awaiting a ‘new’ read from Sissy Marlyn, you’ll be happy to know that I was writing like mad this past Monday through Friday.  It won’t be long now until Infinity will be released.  Then there will be Dissection, the second installment in the “D” series on it’s heels.  Put these books on your Christmas list.  Have that someone special in your life, spouse, siblings, parent, or even child to purchase an autographed copy of for you.  Or get your Kindle (Or Nook) ready, because they will also be available there.  For those of you that visited at the Bearhead Publishing booth this past weekend…thank you!  I look forward to giving you many more great reads!

Sissy Marlyn – ‘Reader’s are Happy People’

I saw proof again of my tagline above!






Romance is in the air AGAIN!

Avid readers and fans,

Be looking for these blog posts on a much more frequent basis now.  My publisher (who some of you know that I sleep with :) ) is holding authors accountable now for their actions…or in my case lately…inaction.  What do they say the cream rises to the top?  He expects that Bearhead Publishing authors, who step up to the plate, and began to interact more frequently with their adoring readers (and fans), will drive more sales of their books.  And more importantly, connect more (or reconnect)  with their fans.  I’m all in for that, both sales and connecting.

So I’ll start by telling you what I’m currently up to.  Needless to say, I’m writing like mad!  I am midway through the second book in the “D” Series (Working title Dissection).  I was hammering away on the keyboard on this one when voices from the “I” Series started to scream in my head.  What can I say…I call it Paper Schizophrenia – You hear voices and you have to stop and get them down on paper, where, of course, as readers, you know all too well…is where these words (voices/storyline) belong.  So the “I” Series has been resurrected and a fourth novel, following up on the first three, is soon to be in your hot little hands.  With all the romance, and warmheartedness, you’ve come to expect from the first three novels in this series, this fourth installment (Working title Infinity) promises to satisfy, please, and yes…CONNECT (like this blog) to more new-found friends as well.

First Book in the “I” Romance Series

Second novel in the “I” Romance Series

Third novel in the “I” Romance Series














I’ll keep you posted and let you know as soon as this must have novel is in print and available to purchase.  It will be available in both hard copy and e-mail (and Kindle) versions.  So if you need a refresher of the first three novels in the “I” Series and don’t have them readily at your fingertips, perhaps the best route to go will be Kindle or E-book. Bearhead Publishing will have them priced to sell (As always, BHP is eager to please the reader).

For those of you who are aspiring authors (or know someone who is), I also stay busy on a continuous basis doing ‘coaching’ to help new writers (Paper Schizophrenics) pull from their heads, to the paper, that next great Bearhead Publishing novel.  To date, all the books I’ve coached on have gotten rave reviews (Both from the new authors and the actual reviewing services).  I love helping that new author ‘birth’ their first novel (‘baby’).  Be looking for future blogs with more information/writing tips.

For now, go wrap your hands around a great read…www.bearheadpublishing.com offers some fantastic suggestions…and be on the lookout for my next blog…coming soon!






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